On a dark and stormy night…
And, he woke up…
That won’t work either.
Trying to be clever here folks, but it’s not working out.
I’m a natural blonde. Well, that’s what the bottle tells me. Who knew, right?
I was born in a small town (truth) in southern New Jersey. Where there’s only 1 traffic light, an ice cream shop, and a post office run by an old lady who still thinks I’m twelve when I visit home.
While in high school, I found a love of historical romance novels. Sneaking them around my teachers and parents. I got caught once and had the book taken away from me for the rest of the day. I was sent home with a note, and my mom shocked me when she said she was happy I was reading and didn’t care what it was.
I've read thousands of books and wrote hundreds of short stories over the years. My first was a Batman fanfiction from the 1989 movie. I still have that story stored away in a box. 
My husband and I have been together for ten years, and we have a little bunny named Roscoe. Not only do I love writing, but I love cooking, nature walks, and traveling. 
I have so many stories that I can't wait to share with you. I love throwing regular people into extraordinary circumstances. Stick around, you never know what I may come up with next. 

Feel free to connect with me on other social media.


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There is more to Foxworth House than dirty towels. Lacey Marshall hates flying and when she's forced to stop at Foxworth House during a freak Snowstorm, she quickly realizes that the old Bed and Breakfast is more terrifying than a little dust a table.



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There is a dark secret that lurks in the shadows of the small town of Leon’s Crossing, Washington.

The town of Leon’s Crossing is nestled in between jagged mountains, and thick forests outside of Seattle, Washington. Jessica Winters is out enjoying her daily nature walk when she stumbles upon that dark secret.

Jessica is a shy, socially awkward 17-year-old. Bullied all her life, and feeling tremendous pressure from her parents, she stumbles upon a mysterious mirror deep in the forest. Thinking nothing of it, she admires its stunning detail until it swirls and morphs into a beautiful spirit before her eyes. But, is it evil or good? Jessica will find out the hard way.