Barry J. Hutchison is a multi-award winning author of books for adults and children, as well as a screenwriter and writer of comics.


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Space Team: The Search for Splurt - Sample Chapters

An exclusive three-chapter sample of the upcoming comedy scifi novel, Space Team: The Search for Splurt.

Cal Carver, petty-criminal turned space adventurer, is on a suicide mission - and he really hates suicide missions. But this time its to save his best buddy, Splurt, who has been taken prisoner by the evil Zertex corporation.

When they discover that the ship carrying Splurt never made it to Zertex, their search leads them through a wormhole to a mysterious planet unlike any they have seen before. Will they survive this strange new world and finally find their friend? And, more importantly, does he even want to be found?


Space Team: The Holiday Special

Die Hard meets the Nativity - in space!

Having saved the galaxy, Cal Carver and the crew of the Shatner drop by the North Star space station for Kroyshuk - an annual celebration of peace and goodwill - and some well-earned R&R.

But all thoughts of rest go out the window when Cal finds himself playing guardian angel to a mysterious pregnant woman, whose unborn son is being hunted by a malevolent baby-eating king.

With the king's forces closing in, and the woman's contractions coming at an alarming rate, Cal's first Kroyshuk might just turn out to he his last.

A short festive tale packed with space pirates, bounty hunters, Godzilla-lions and Dorothy out of the Golden Girls, Space Team: The Holiday Special is the perfect entry point to the Space Team universe.