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I'm a self-publishing author and I live in a tiny little forest-rich village in the Netherlands. Before I started my career as a writer, I lived in Spain and Portugal, working in the tourism and hospitality industry. Although I moved back to the Netherlands, I'm still passionate about the Mediterranean lifestyle.

I'm not one of those writers who always dreamt of writing stories from an early age, I just loved reading them. I still do, but now I also like writing them. I started to write the first book of The Ambrosia Trilogy when my niece told me there was nothing better than reading about gorgeous vampires. That was all the encouragement and challenge I needed and now I can say: writing - especially a sexy, dangerous and thrilling romance - is an addiction and I don't understand why I didn't start earlier.

I hope to write lots of romance stories about passionate relationships that send butterflies to your stomach and must have a happily ever after, but never instalove!

All the best for you and happy reading!





Sera Taíno

Love Paranormal romances. Can't wait to dig into this one!

CWG Publishers

Sounds interesting!

JoMarie DeGioia

What a compelling cover. Can't wait to read this!

Katherine L. Evans

Wow, I can't wait for this one!

S Lawrence

This looks great. Can't wait to gab it!

Aaron Dawbot

Great premise, and subtle beautiful cover.

Sage Rae

Excellent cover here , and compelling description a must read for me

Vanayssa Somers

Beatrice Sand has the rare, almost subconscious skill to explore the mind of a young woman who does not yet know precisely who she is and what all of that might amount to. The real cliffhanger in her stories is the chase as we follow behind, waiting to see if the heroine realizes her own immensity of personality and character, in addition to the interactions between the main characters. Growing into who she is, she is a spectacle, one we can't help watching.

Rebecca Janet

nice cover :)

Melinda Kucsera

wow what a cover.

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