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There's nothing hotter than a protective cowboy, and falling back in time!

Jeanne Bannon

Love the cover of this book. It's what drew me to it. It sounds like a sweet, lovely read - just what I look for in a book. Plus, who can resist a handsome rancher in North Dakota?

H.M. Shander

Great cover and looks like a fun read.

KC Rice

A true romance... this story had me inthralled from the first page. <br /> A wonderful book to curl up with in front of a fire on a cold snowy day..

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Iset's Pharaoh

Immortality. Power. Blackmail.

Ari Ramsey is a dominating, powerful, businessman with a mind-blowing secret. In 1270 BC, he was the Pharaoh of Egypt, Ramesses II. During his reign, he was visited by a group of people called the Enlightened. In exchange for offering their world occasional provisions, they offer Ari the one thing he truly coveted—immortality.

Iset has spent centuries with her beloved Ari. She would do anything for him under normal circumstances. The problem, however, is that things aren’t normal now. Ari has been ignoring her for far too long. She doesn’t know why he is being so distant, but she is hell bent on recapturing his affections, even if it means getting herself into a lot of trouble!



At thirty-six, Harry has it all; plenty of money, a successful business, and a string of women with whom he can live out his sexually dominant fantasies. He doesn't want to be tied down, and he's certainly not looking for love.

But when he goes to his friend Jake's club one evening, everything changes.

Pascale is a young French beauty, whose sexy, smoky, haunting voice is completely at odds with her shy demeanour and terrible past.

Harry is spellbound, and determined to meet the new singer. Luckily, being the nightclub owner's best friend has its advantages, and he is permitted to go backstage.


A Wintry Affair

Alicia Allesandro doesn't know why her father hates Ian's father.

But this will not deter these two star-crossed lovers. They are determined to be together—anywhere and anytime. However, it means sneaking around and hiding, which only serves to heighten the excitement of their secret encounters in which Alicia regularly goes over Ian's knee and receives a good, painfully delightful spanking. Fortunately, they have the cold, icy, snowy Northeastern winter weather to help shield them from small town scrutiny, but winter doesn’t last forever and their need is too strong to stop. Can they find a way to be happy together without anyone getting hurt?


A Proper Punishment

She’s stolen gold… will she steal his heart? Lena Mae has been turning down the advances of men and potential suitors for marriage. She has not met a man worthy of her attention or her hand. Looking for adventure and learning of the route between England and Paris where gold is hauled and transported, Lena is determined to steal enough gold bars to live alone and never need to consider the advances of another man.


Home on the Range

When Amanda Wyld tumbles one hundred years through time, she lands in west Texas on the property of handsome, protective, Tom Thornton.

The year is 1883, and a range war rages as barbed wire divides open land into pieces. These illegal fences are forcing ranchers to cut the wire to get their livestock to water. Guns blaze and tempers fray as men and women fight for their homes and their land.

Tom does not need or want the responsibility for the young woman he rescues from the range, but they soon find themselves falling hard for each other. Her modern attitudes lead Amanda to put her health and safety in jeopardy, but Tom will teach his woman the dangers of his time and the importance of obedience – over his knee, if necessary.


Marrying the Murderer

A steamy western romance set in 1800’s Colorado.
A murder. A young woman. A handsome rancher.
Taking up her first teaching post in the western town of St, Elmo Colorado, Verity witnesses the cold blooded killing of a man out in the street after dark. She tells no one what she has seen. Starting her new post, teaching school in St. Elmo, she is shocked when the murderer arrives to collect his twin children. Could she be mistaken? How can handsome, charismatic, Jake Calhoun be a killer? Her heart wants to deny everything she has seen. Verity is torn. Whatever should she do?
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His Forbidden Submissive

To find happiness, she must do something she swore she’d never do again. Let a man control her.

After beating cancer, Vivian goes on a mission to cleanse her life. First on the list; kicking her cheating, controlling husband to the curb. Second, she must discover the answer to a question that’s been haunting her. Is the love she harbors for Brock, her bad-boy brother-in-law, genuine or a chemotherapy-induced illusion?

Brock loves a woman he cannot have; his brother’s wife. To claim her would be a betrayal. He knows loving her is wrong but he can’t help it. So when circumstances bring them back together, he can no longer deny his forbidden attraction, and they unite in a fury of passion, lust—and bondage.


Wild for You

Nathan Holt has a reputation in Swiftwater, and not one he was proud of. If he had half a brain, he’d stay far away from there. But there was a certain blue-eyed blonde holding his heart, not to mention a half-sister that he barely knew. He had left Swiftwater to protect them from his father. That reason no longer existed.

Bonnie Blakely had been taught to be a proper lady, but inside she felt anything but proper. She longed for a man – a strong, capable man – to put her across his knee. A brief encounter with Nathan Holt had held promise, but he left Swiftwater, Kansas years ago. He had promised he’d return, but as time passed without a word, Bonnie feared her dreams of his firm hand and unconditional love would never be fulfilled.


Remington's Rules

Emily Crawley has lived in Remington House her entire life. Her parents have been in service to the Duke of Remington and his family for years, and now that Emily is of age, she has joined the staff, as well.

When the Marquess of Remington, the duke's eldest son, Charles, returns after his years at school, Emily realizes her heart has always belonged to the handsome Lord. But, alas, he is to be wed to the rude and condescending Lady Caroline, a marriage that was arranged years ago.

Charles seems to enjoy bantering with Emily, though, and even turns her over his knees a few times for minor infractions. But when he refuses to go through with the arranged marriage and his younger brother steps in as the groom, will Emily have her chance?


Mustang Wild

Four years ago, Aideen Shannon ran away, turning her back on her home and Bryce Carlisle, the strong, rugged rancher who gave her his ring and then broke her heart. Having sworn she'll never return to a town that sees her as nothing but trouble, she worked hard to rebuild her life. But then the sudden death of her stepfather drags her back, kicking and screaming. She returns home to find a once successful ranch run into the ground, a deputy who wants nothing more than to see her in jail, painful memories resurrected by people she used to consider friends and, worst of all, Bryce Carlisle waiting for her.


An Unexpected Husband


Taken by Surprise

Lila’s life is perfect. A successful career in fashion, a sleek, artfully decorated home, and her adoring husband- Luke. Everything is going her way. She couldn’t be happier.

One night while enjoying a few glasses of red wine to unwind after work, she gets a little cheeky with Luke. He takes her by surprise and instead of putting up with her humor, throws her right over his knee for a good, sound spanking. Lila is left confused. She is angry that her husband took the liberty of punishing her, but also finds herself incredibly attracted to Luke’s new, commanding behavior. Despite her conflicting emotions, when he proposes a new way of life- doing things his way for a change, Lila agrees.


Her Sweet Complication

North Dakota resident Jocelyn Charles has a life mission. Get her degree and help women and children work through violent acts committed against them. Jocelyn believes that there is no reason one person should inflict pain on another person purposely.

Young rancher Liam O’Connor has a mission. Leave his sister in California at college and go gain experience on a larger spread than his father’s, so he can one day run his own ranch. From the moment Jocelyn meets Liam, the sparks and libido ignite. Everyone knows long distance relationships never work. Right? And how can Jocelyn reconcile her feelings for Liam and stick to her goals when Liam has openly admitted his commitment to a traditional lifestyle? Jocelyn wants no complications. Liam is a huge complication.


The Virgin Bet

Tippy Madison has a really big secret—she’s a twenty-eight year old virgin! Thanks to her awkward teenage years, followed by a crazy college schedule, and, finally, her struggling bookstore, she simply hasn’t had time to date. When her beloved bookstore burns down one night, she ends up having a confrontation with a cop that leaves her handcuffed in the backseat of his police cruiser. A cop who happens to be Brent Kingston, the hot former quarterback she tutored back in high school. Though she finds him infuriating, she also finds herself having some pretty wicked thoughts about him.