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Originally from England, Bobby Fisher currently lives in Australia with his wife and family of twelve birds and sixteen guinea pigs.

He has been an avid reader of a variety of genres since childhood, including Science Fiction, Horror, and Fantasy. He enjoys the works of authors such as Philip K. Dick, William Gibson, Stephen King and more recently Colin F. Barnes and Rosa Montero.

Upon graduating from University with a degree in Archaeology and Ancient History, he worked as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan before moving to Australia. After deciding to make use of his personal passion for tech and computers, he went back to University part-time and graduated with a degree in I.T., leading to his current job as an I.T. Technician.

He took the leap from reader to storyteller in 2017, with his first published story ‘A Thief’s Fortune’.



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A Thief's Fortune

Orphaned at a young age, Ewyn is a thief by necessity. After his sister falls ill, a rash act leaves him in the cruel hands of Lord Ravensworth. Condemned to an inescapable prison, can Ewyn use his talents to free himself and return to his sister in time?

'A Thief’s Fortune’ is a stand-alone Fantasy short story.


Chronoleech: A Paranormal Investigator Story

Sometimes memories can be deadlier than fangs or claws …

Plagued by unexplained occurrences or inhuman creatures? There’s only one person to turn to - Vincent Castan, renowned investigator of unearthly phenomena!

Vincent’s latest case takes him to the city of Embervale, where citizens are mysteriously disappearing into the night without a trace. Fear holds the city captive, with only fools venturing out after nightfall.

The life of a paranormal investigator is filled with peril, but sometimes the past can be more dangerous than the present. To solve the mystery, Vincent must relive a pain greater than any horror he has faced!

Join Vincent in the first installment of a paranormal / Urban Fantasy series that will warm your heart and chill you to the bone!