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Brian O'Sullivan was born in county Cork, the Republic of Ireland. On completing a degree at University College Cork, he went on to travel extensively but is currently based in New Zealand.

In Wellington, he runs a small publishing company (Irish Imbas Books) with his family but returns to Ireland on a regular basis. Weekly articles on Irish folklore, aspects of Irish culture and on his writing can be found on his own website at Irish Imbas Books.

Brian writes fiction that incorporates strong elements of Irish culture, language, history and mythology. These include literary short stories (The Irish Muse collection), mystery thrillers (The Beara Trilogy), and two contemporary series based on the Fionn mac Cumhaill/ Fenian legends (The Fionn mac Cumhaill Series and the Liath Luachra Trilogy).

Brian also writes non-fiction (mostly on the topic of Irish mythology) and edits the annual Celtic Mythology Short Story Competition

Although he writes predominantly for an Irish audience, Brian's unique style, attention to historical accuracy and humour has meant that his books have become firm favourites of readers all around the world.


Historical Fiction

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Fionn: The Stalking Silence

Ireland 192 AD:
A pregnant refugee fleeing through the wilderness encounters a relentless predator.
Only by drawing on all her courage and cunning can she hope to survive.