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Born in 1979, Madison learnt from a very young age that he could escape the harsh reality of the real world by entering into the realm of his imagination. As the years advanced, he discovered the more he came into this world, the less he felt the torments and ridicule he received on a daily basis growing up.

He dreamed of one day breaking away from his nightmarish existence and becoming a full-time writer. All he needed to do, he considered, was write just one great book and he would be a success. As he soon found out, that dream was not as easy as he’d thought. In fact, Madison considers today that he would have more of a chance trying to find a unicorn than writing that best seller.

He now focuses on trying to help others through his writing. With the publication of his first book, "An Evolutional Journey for the Modern Man," Madison set himself on the path towards achieving this dream and has never looked back.

Following his first book, Madison published "Masterclass Seduction," "Balance Incarnated," "We Are the Fallen," "How to be a Superior Man," and "The Proclamation on the Demon in I".

His first work of fiction, "Eye of the Snake" was released through Amazon on January 2nd, 2018.

He has also authored numerous articles throughout the internet, such as: "How to Become a Powerfully Confident Man," "Lessons from a Sad Clown," "Age of Fear," and "How to Unleash Your Inner Leader".

With an unadulterated approach, Madison creates works through a labour-intensive process which he states: ‘can be seen clearly as a personal exorcism ritual…’ By exploring the concept of his imagination in an enthusiastic way, he challenges his readers by approaching a broad scale of subjects in a multi-layered manner.

‘I like to try to involve the reader in a way that is sometimes physical, not only emotional with my writing. I believe in the idea of purpose following multiplicity in my books.’

Madison’s writing establishes a link between what the readers consider being reality and that what is imagined. His books focus on concrete questions that determine our existence.



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It All Ends In Time

For realtor Mabel Hunter, trying to sell the manor has proven to be a difficult task over the past 16 months. The eerie coldness felt throughout the house has always been the give away that there is something not very right about the place. The sounds of scratching behind the tiny door are just the added bonus.

It is only a small door, but for paranormal investigator Paul Sawyer it could be the door that leads to a more fulfilling long as he can overcome the voice he hears inside his head.

What lies in wait behind the door? Only time will tell because time never ends...