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Callie Gardner grew up in rural Oregon. She now lives in the suburbs of Portland and works as a community healthcare provider.

She still enjoys the rugged wilderness of the Oregon landscape as it reminds her of her childhood full of dreams and hopes for the future.

Callie vacations in the log cabin that has been in her family for generations. It is in this cabin that she writes many of her stories as she can feel herself being immersed in the same land that the early pioneers and explorers lived and worked.

Now that Callie's three children have families of their own she can spend more time letting her imagination run free, writing for your pleasure

Callie hopes that you will enjoy reading her own Mail Order Bride novels which are always clean and wholesome, packed with historical anecdotes and are the stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary feats.


Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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Maggie's Education

Maggie is the Head teacher of a school in Maple Ridge, Pennsylvania. She loves teaching but lately she has felt a longing deep within her soul. A yearning for a family she can call her own. Ten years ago the love of her life was cruelly taken from her during the bloody Civil War and since that time there has been nothing else for Maggie but a life revolving around teaching the children at the Maple Ridge Community Preparatory School which goes someway to fulfilling the emptiness in her heart. She had always wanted family of her own and if she was to achieve this dream she knew that she had to act now and not a moment later...