Cara Wylde loves to write about strong, feisty women and their hot Alphas who will do anything to make them happy. Her books are filled with romance and just a dash of mystery, suspense, and that eerie atmosphere she fell in love with reading too many gothic novels. With a master's degree in Comparative Literature, she can't help but play with tropes and themes from various genres, trying to come up with fresh perspectives on the paranormal characters her readers love so much. Vampires, shapeshifters, demons, witches... Cara will always make sure they get their own twists.

When she's not writing, Cara is reading, planning her next story, or daydreaming. Oh! And also studying and reading Tarot. If you’re interested, you can visit her Tarot Website:


Science Fiction

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The Test: A Reverse Harem Prequel (Rise of the Ash Gods)

This is a short Prequel to Rise of the Ash Gods, a paranormal reverse harem series.

Valentina has prepared for this all her life. She is ready. Just one test to pass, and she’ll finally become a Keeper of the Spades, and a proper member of her coven. Born a witch, sworn to protect the Mysteries of the Tarot, Val will not fail and will not disappoint her family.

But something goes awfully wrong. When she gets lost in the intricate multi-dimensions of the Test, she loses control and gets thrown from one time-space to another. And that’s how she meets them. She doesn’t know who they are, but what she knows for sure is they are not just men. Ghosts? Angels, or demons? Gods?

Fate is playing tricks on her…



Silver Dragon - Exclusive Sneak Peek

Exclusive Sneak Peek - The Introduction to Silver Dragon, Book 1 in the Alma Venus Mail-Order Brides (Coming November 2016).