Although I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, I always liked to pretend I was in the country by hiding out by the tiny creek behind my house. Many worlds were invented there. I never, however, expected to write about them. I became a science geek, completing a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and then came to the awkward realisation that I didn’t actually want to do research in a lab for the rest of my life. So I found work in the finance industry. Story-writing wasn’t even a consideration until the day I had a Supermum moment and gave my teenage daughter a lecture that went something like ‘of course you are capable of writing a story. Never think that you need to be naturally gifted at something to give it a go. Here, I’ll give you a hand. We’ll write one together.’ Addictions can begin so innocently sometimes…


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Songlines (Sample)

What if Adam and Eve weren’t the only people in the Garden?
"We belong to the earth, Lainie-Bug. We were sent here in human form for a reason. If you don’t know what to do, then just be human."
Right. Like that was ever a simple thing to do.
Simple would be finishing high school without that desolate music trickling through the cracks in my dreams, making me too tired to study.
Simple would be keeping the mining company from trespassing on our sheep farm.
Perhaps for a human, those things would be simple. No wonder I could never quite get the hang of it. Then again, a simple life would have never let me feel the flames of the sacred spinning sword, or breathe the fragrance of the Garden, or sink my teeth into the Living Fruit from the Tree of Life…