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Carter Blake writes psychological thrillers filled with great villains, surprising twists, and shocking crimes. The Detective Alex Kane books can be enjoyed individually, in any order. You can check out the entire series here: (just copy and paste into your browser)

Carter Blake was born near San Jose, California and moved around throughout his childhood. He settled in Los Angeles where he earned a bachelor's degree in Classics and then a law degree. Like many other lawyers he left practice to begin writing fiction. He writes thrillers that explore the life of a dedicated law enforcement officer as he faces the challenges of dealing with crime and violence on a daily basis.



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Lost Innocence

A gripping crime thriller with a killer twist

Detective Alex Kane isn’t good at dealing with the innocent victims of crime. That is why he likes his job on the state police organized crime task force. Most of the bodies he encounters knew what they were signing up for. And when the inevitable setbacks and disappointments arise, he never feels too guilty. But Alex can’t insulate himself forever.

When a criminal organization is engaged in human trafficking and child pornography, Alex is drawn into a disturbing and dangerous world. A world where anonymous forces exploit young women and girls with impunity. A world where any mistake Alex makes could lead to the suffering of innocents. Can Alex pull the curtains back on this dark world before a young girl is lost forever?


Lost Identity

A gripping crime thriller with a killer twist.

Detective Alex Kane is always looking to the future, until a threat from the past resurfaces.

When Alex Kane's father died, it was ruled a simple heart attack. The stress of years on the Pittsburgh PD narcotics beat had finally caught up with him. But Alex knew better. His father had been murdered.

Years later, Alex is now a detective himself and he gets an opportunity to join a task force going after the very crew that killed his father. But the intersection of cops and criminals is sometimes more complicated than it appears and there are some things that are better left in the past. Can Alex hold on to his integrity when everything he thought he could trust starts to crumble? Will keeping true to himself cost him his life?