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Ice Cream Man

Facing a cheater challenges a person’s integrity. An obsession moves a problem to another level. Dan Livorno faces both. His solution brings suffering for his best friend and administrative assistant, Vinnie Briggs, his gay assistant.
A job promotion begets greed and duplicity from Dan's rival, aided by her co-conspirator and his boss.
Dan's fears the increasing obsession with his drop-dead gorgeous wife with overdeveloped muscular men. His jealousy grows, evoking irrational behavior and distrust. He ignores that his wife's trainer is a gay bodybuilder. He ignores office politics. Both oversights shred his career and reputation.
Is it too late to save Dan? People's lives in danger? Whose? A gay assistant, a wife, and a bodybuilder engage in gamesmanship at a cost.
There is always a cost to obsessions.,