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Charlotte is a mom, a wife, and an author—in that order. She’s originally from Denmark but moved to Seattle in 2005 with her husband, baby Alfred, and lots of hopes and dreams. The family has since added the twincesses, Emma and Olivia.

When she’s not ‘mom’ (read= doing laundry, making lunches, and solving kids’ world crisis), she spends every second of her free time writing what readers call compelling, fun, and loving stories. Her fiction is often inspired by real life and at times highly personal. Her novels are filled with endearingly flawed (mostly female) characters and emotional complexity. You are what you write. You write what you are.


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Holding on to Hurt

Every parent's worst nightmare…

Irene Hurt's life is perfect and she cherishes every moment with her devoted husband and sweet almost sixteen-year-old son until ... the day she gets the call every mother dreads: Your son has been shot and is in a coma.

In the blink of an eye, Irene’s life is shattered into a million pieces.

What follows is a story about a mother and her struggle to keep, not only her son but eventually also her marriage and herself alive. On Irene's journey through grief, denial, and anger, she discovers more about the events of that tragic day, the boy who shot her son and then took his own life, and the husband she thought she knew and could trust.

An emotional and heart-gripping story about a family, trust, grief, and a mother’s unconditional love.