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Cheri Lasota's bestselling debut novel, Artemis Rising, is a 2013 Cygnus Awards First Place Winner and a 2012 finalist in the Next Generation Indie Books Awards. Her second novel, Echoes in the Glass, is a half-contemporary, half-historical set on the Oregon Coast. Cheri recently helped found the Paradisi Chronicles, a massive open-source sci-fi universe set on the fictional planet, New Eden. Her Paradisi Exodus series focuses on the early years of the human exodus from Earth to the new planet.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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I am the Prima Vita, the only true immortal. But the darker the gift, the higher the blood price—and I have paid it all.

At the moment of my making, at the turn of the first millennium amid the glories and horrors of Ancient Rome, two men died with me. Both reborn in my immortal blood, one became my lover and the other my enemy.

I promised the unspeakable to save Lucius from Clarius. The bargain, once struck, was simple: die with Clarius once a year to keep Lucius safe for an eternity.


Artemis Rising

Strange how our names become our fate. No matter my fate, given a choice, still I would choose that name: Arethusa, nymph of the old world, daughter of the moon. Is the name a curse or a blessing? Perhaps neither. Perhaps my mother has merely destined me for a love of watery things.

Eva must accept the tragic fate her mother has chosen for her. But Tristan, the one she loves, has willingly chosen another destiny, a journey fraught with danger and sorrow. Diogo, driven by a mysterious power, will force them further apart if they cannot break the curse of their fates.

Set against the lush backdrop of 1890s Azores Islands, this Historical Fantasy is a seamless blend of two ancient mythologies: Tristan and Isolde & Alpheus and Arethusa.


Paradisi Escape

Paradisi Escape, Book 1 of the Paradisi Exodus Series
Genre: Near-Future Scifi, Apocalyptic Earth, Colonization, First Contact

In near future 2094, Earth is on the brink of nuclear winter. A secret evacuation is already underway, and Solomon Reach and his crew have guaranteed passage on the last ship to leave for colonization and exploration of a new planet in the Andromeda galaxy. When Solomon learns of a betrayal that will have catastrophic consequences, he is faced with an impossible choice: who will live and who will die?