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CHERITA SMITH is a writer of fictional words, doer of magical deeds, lover of social justice, dope street art & pretty, girly things.

She weaves speculative fiction tales of all kinds, from dystopian science fiction to paranormal urban fantasy for both teens and adults. Dark, lush and haunting with a dash of creepy thriller and sprinkle of fairy-tale myth is her preferred writing jam.

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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Deadly Beauties: Dark YA Paranormal Tales of Troubled Girls

A dangerous new power. A carnival of nightmares and dreams. And a tall man who lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting... Five girls must confront the darkness around them in this haunting collection of paranormal tales.

LUX AETERNA: Hell has its demons. Lux has Foster Dad George in this coming-of-age superpower origin story — of a darker sort.

MAUDLIN CARNIVAL: A mysterious investigator hunts through the memories of Evelyn Jones in search of the clues he needs to prevent her tragic death. But time is almost out. What will happen if he should fail?

ROZA MIRA: Svetlana, Catalina and Soojin have it all: beauty, youth, successful modeling careers… and a man in black who watches them from afar. Who is he and what does he want? The three girls will find out — whether they like it or not.



Project SNOW: A Science Fiction Fairy Tale

Snow White meets genetic engineering in this captivating blend of science fiction & dark fairy tale that will hook you from the very first line...

Like most engineered kids, Amara can't wait to turn sixteen. Sixteen means confirmation of immunity to the aging infection that plagues mankind. And confirmation means freedom, leaving behind the quarantine of the Tower for a new life in the city — no filtration veils required.

But the queen has other plans. The queen is dying and needs a new heart. Daughter or not, Amara's will do. With her mother out to destroy her, Amara can't afford misplaced trust. A Guardsman wants to help save her, but is it for love or a dark plan of his own?

If you love dystopian sci-fi & unique adaptations of classic tales, grab your copy of this novelette today!