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Hi! I have always loved reading, but it is only recently that I have discovered my passion for writing cozy mysteries with a touch of romance.

When I am not reading or writing I love baking, especially sweet treats, or walking along the beach thinking of the next adventure my characters can embark on.



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A Tough Case to Crack

It is a race against the clock to solve a murder so ‘Nuts about Nuts’ can open on time. Kerri Gale is getting ready for the grand opening of her nut shop, ‘Nuts about Nuts’, in the small town of Cascade Grove. She is new to the area and is enjoying setting up home with her Yorkshire Terrier, Cashew, and spending time with her new friend, Natalie.But when possible evidence from the murder of the previous shop owner is found in the shop, Kerri finds herself right in the middle of a murder investigation. A handsome reporter, Steve, is writing an article about the murder, but can Kerri rely on him? Then her grandfather turns up out of the blue and is being very secretive. During the chaos Kerri has to try to juggle everything so she can find the murderer and her shop can open on time.