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Crystal Hope Reed has a master's degree in counseling psychology and has spent most of her professional life in the fields of counseling, mental health, and education. She's worked with clients as diverse as gifted students, domestic violence victims, the homeless, people with severe mental illnesses, and individuals and families navigating the psychic awakening process.

Since 2001, Crystal has been living her own advice about "How to Live with a Psychic." When the full extent of Brett’s psychic abilities exploded, practically overnight, she wasn't satisfied to just cope with the chaos. Instead, she tapped into her therapeutic background and intuition to figure out how people can turn this challenge into an opportunity for an even stronger relationship and an improved quality of life.

Her interest in all things metaphysical continues to grow and she will certainly be writing more books on related topics. She has also developed her own ability as a pet psychic, which she now uses to resolve issues and give animals a voice.

Crystal, Brett, and their three dogs make their home in Santa Monica, California.


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How to Live with a Psychic

So they're psychic. Now what?

Learn how to:
- Differentiate between psychic and psychotic
- Support yourself so things feel under control
-Turn relationship challenges into bonding opportunities
- Help the new psychic bring balance back to their life
- Talk to other people about what’s happening—whether or not they’re experiencing the same paranormal or supernatural phenomena
- Be a key player in your partner’s psychic development

Also included:
- How psychics perceive the world differently than the rest of us
- Explanations of the tools and techniques that psychics, mediums, healers, and empaths use in their work and for protection and grounding
- Comprehensive details about the various types of psychic ability
- and much more!