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David Stone is a freelance journalist living in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys writing steamy, humorous fiction and satire exploring the sensual side of relationships and life without shying away from the intimate details and the often inevitable follies that result.


Humor & Entertainment
Women's Fiction


Jillian Riley

David Stone is such a great writer!

Jade Alters

Can't wait.

M. G. Russell

Wow! Great to read about a couple who are willing to take some chances to get their lives back on track.

J.C. Lourdes

Sounds very intriguing. Can't wait to read it.

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Take My Wife, Please!

Charlie Cochran is in a funk. Six months earlier, he hastily divorced his wife Cheryl after she had a one-night fling with an old high school sweetheart. The trouble is, the affair had actually excited him, and he now loved her more than ever.

He finds solace in workmate Carly, who, for not altogether selfless reasons, helps to ease his pain by luring him into an indiscreet affair of their own. Regardless, Charlie can’t stop thinking of his ex, especially after learning his best friend Jerry’s secret.

From there it gets complicated. A sudden change in fortune makes Charlie’s ex the key to his salvation on two fronts. His livelihood is at stake as is his happiness. Can he accept his ex-wife’s terms for reconciliation?



A Very Good Plan: Saving The Billionaire

David Miles is one lucky man, but his family business, the source of his family fortune, is in trouble. It’s time for him to step up and save it. It means foregoing yet another mindless summer romp through the rich and famous playgrounds of Europe.

But he’s in over his head. A bright, young and attractive Emma Sterne comes to his rescue. She’s an expert financial analyst with a mission. She will prove to the world she’s got what it takes to have success.

Can she save David’s company? Together, they develop a plan to find out. Will it work? Timing is everything. Of course, it all becomes more complicated. David and Emma discover their mutual admiration goes far beyond business.



The Layover: Other Men's Wives

A blizzard shuts down Denver’s airport, and two solo travelers find themselves with time to kill. Sitting at the hotel bar, executive Paul Daniels is befriended by Julia Brannington. She’s stunning in every way.

And she’s got something on her mind.

Paul can’t resist the offer to spend the night with her, but there’s a problem. Though she says it’s over, she’s still another man’s hot wife. He chooses to believe her and steps into the most erotically charged evening of his life.

But is this just a simple hook-up? Paul begins to wonder as Julia dials the thermostat to eleven.

This is the first title in The Wife Chronicles, a thematically linked series exploring hot wifes and the men who love them. It's intended for mature readers



The Cheating Wife

Rob and Kelly’s friend Martin is distressed. His wife left him for her boss and he’s in pain. As Martin shares his story, discoveries come to light to reveal his troubles go deeper than losing his wife.

He doesn’t know how to love a woman.

Kelly and Rob, who have issues of their own, might have a solution to everyone’s problem. Though deeply in love, their marriage has lost its fire. Could Martin be the key to getting it back?

Though it’s risky, Kelly and Rob have a plan. They'll fix their marriage by teaching Martin how to please a woman and find true happiness for himself. Kelly’s never cheated before, but could she do it to fix her marriage?

The Cheating Wife is part of The Wife Chronicles, a collection of standalone, thematically linked stories.



Love Thy Neighbor's Hotwife


Don receives troubling news. His wife Donna tells him she committed a “minor” infidelity with their neighbor during a dinner party the night before. More troubling than the incident itself is Donna’s further admission that she liked it.

Don wonders if the marriage is over, then quickly realizes that instead of feeling angry with his wife, he’s incredibly attracted to her. Sparks fly, igniting passions that bewilder both of them. Had they discovered the key to happy ever after?

They agree on a plot to find out. Though they have their doubts, they can’t deny what’s happened to their love life. It’s through the roof. Could it go any higher?



Loving Wood: A Silicon Valley Romance


After suffering one too many heartbreaks, Tassie Collins goes into hiding. She perfects a frumpy appearance and cool demeanor to keep men at a distance, even her secret crush, successful and brilliant tech entrepreneur Daniel Wood. When her family convinces her to reevaluate her ban on men, Tassie decides to give love one last chance. No more hiding her true self from the world, or Daniel.

Daniel Wood has everything he ever wanted out of life - a successful career, prestige, money - except for love. He always felt a strong attraction to Tassie despite her attempts to disguise her beauty and ignore his existence.

When Tassie suddenly reappears transformed, sparks fly, but not due to appearances. Inner beauty is what counts...



Whoops: Nobody's Perfect


Tassie Collins has had no luck in love in or outside the bedroom. She’s about to give up when, on an innocent errand, she finds her mother’s lover Tom crying in his workshop. She only means to comfort him, but sparks ignite, and…


They make passionate love. It’s far beyond what Tassie felt possible between a man and woman.

They agree it can never happen again, which by this point means for a fourth time. Oh well. No one is perfect.

A year later, Tassie gets some bad news... Whoops again?



Island Fever: Love In A Time Of Rum

Island Fever: Love In A Time Of Rum is a love story. Two successful New Yorkers, unbeknownst to each other, move to the tropics, both determined to give love a rest. For different reasons, they’ve given up on happy ever afters. As they attempt to sort out their new lives they accidentally become entangled.

Despite the fair weather, it’s not all clear sailing. A series of misunderstandings and some bad timing fray their fairytale to the brink. Whether they can sort it out will depend on both seeing the truth. They’re irrevocably in love.

Or is it just a case of island fever?


The Hotwife Project: What Could Go Wrong?

Ethan’s best friend Adam is losing his wife under dire circumstances. Saddened by the news, he tells his wife Laurie. She’s stunned, but jokes “Adam won’t last long out there single. If I wasn’t married to you, I’d…” The joke sticks in Ethan’s mind. Is it a clue of some kind? They both know their love life has entered the doldrums and agree they need to “spice things up”.

The joke becomes a “what if”, and Ethan has to struggle with his feelings. Could Adam be the remedy for their lackluster libidos? Why does the idea excite him? It should repulse him.

Will it? Their summer of discovery is just beginning.



Carnal Relations: The Steps


Tassie Collins loves making love, but there’s only one man that can satisfy her, Tom. The problem is, he’s “taboo,” and she knows it. Still, she can’t resist being ravished by every inch of his passion. It’s wrong, but it’s never felt so right. The way he fills her up, the way he tastes, the way he savors every inch of her body sends her to the moon every time.

Then one day it’s over, and she knows no one will ever love her the same way again.

That is until Wayne proves she’s mistaken. He opens her heart and teaches her that she can have it all, love and great sex. But matters of the heart are never easy. In her case they're downright complicated, because Wayne is her stepbrother, and Tom's son.



Loving Kate: Love Is Complicated (Bisexual Erotica)


During a hot, Atlanta summer Kate Sommers has to face up to her true identity. Who does she love? Men? Women? Both? Following a minor accident, she’s forced to discover her true self and face the consequences. Will her BFF Emily understand? Will her boyfriend Tom? Can she find true happiness and still be herself?