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David L. Wright is the author of several bestselling investment books, including: "Investing For the Rest of Us" and “You Don’t Need a Financial Advisor,” and "Building Wealth." He is the founder and editor of

A lifelong investor, Mr. Wright retired more than a decade early. He spent the last decade of his career as the Chief Financial Officer of multi-million entertainment company. During his career, Wright also worked as a computer programmer, an educator, a corporate executive, and even as an artist.

Mr. Wright’s writings, books, articles on Dollar Bits and elsewhere, have helped countless people get on the road to financial success.

When he's not writing, Wright and his wife enjoy spending time with their pets, traveling the globe, and tending their garden.


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You Don't Need a Financial Advisor

Do you invest your money with a financial advisor? If you do, chances are you are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every single year unnecessarily.

In this book, David L. Wright, bestselling author of “Investing For the Rest of Us,” presents 16 key financial points which everyone should know. Having a reasonable understanding of these 16 points will allow you to manage your own money. This will save you from having to pay fees to a financial advisor.

Every financial advisor knows everything in this book. However, few are willing to share this information with their clients. Knowledge is power. Financial Advisors have it. You need it. With this vital information, you can manage your money and know how to determine when you have enough money to retire.