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Desiree is a Brooklyn-based wielder of words who’s been writing since before she could talk. She’s the author of White Rabbit, a thriller.



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White Rabbit (White Rabbit Trilogy Book 1)

When the phone rings, Logan knows immediately that he shouldn’t answer it. But answer it he does, and by then, it’s too late to take it back.

Now all his plans to disappear for good go south when he’s forced to go back to the home he can’t bear to return to–and face the ghosts he’s so desperately been running from– in order to protect what’s left of those he loves.

The only problem is, despite his best intentions, his presence ends up doing much more harm than it does good.


Black Swan

At first look, Tess' life seems absolutely flawless. She's gone from a scrappy little tomboy who grew up on the streets of Brooklyn to a gorgeous and sophisticated Manhattan socialite. She has money, influence, and a devilishly handsome husband who dotes on her.

But, deep down, Tess isn't happy with any of it, and she quickly discovers that there's a steep price to pay for her seemingly perfect existence – and that things on the surface are almost never what they seem. Sensing that something is very wrong, she starts searching for answers. But one day, she digs a little too deep, and what she finds ends up being so much worse that she ever imagined. Forced to question everything she ever thought to be true, she racks her brain for a means of escape.


Rabbit Hole

Here we see a younger, more vulnerable Logan Alexander, desperate to make up for the mistakes of his past and struggling to take care of his brothers in the wake of his parent's untimely death. He fights to keep his head above water while working a low-wage job, but his prospects for improving his situation are slim since he has no skills to speak of. Except for one. Given a computer and secure internet connection, Logan discovers he can do almost anything. He falls into an unexpected but lucrative line of work, and now, his services are in high-demand with all the wrong people. Ignorant to the rules of the game, he makes a crucial mistake. A deadly mistake. A mistake that nearly costs him everything and makes it all but impossible for him to make a clean break.