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Raised on one of the last of the grand old Southern Alberta ranches in a family of writers, Diane was creating adventures almost as soon as she was riding. Both happened before she could walk. Trained in Journalism, she is the author of countless stories and articles, plays and songs as well as ten novels. Her stories, a wide offering of SciFi, Fantasy, Biblical, Romance, Historical or Poetic, reflect her abiding belief in the family and the power and strength found in that basic societal unit. Her stories, though they contain current issues affecting society, are always suitable to any audience from grandmothers to children.
She and her husband, Grant, live in Edmonton, Alberta and are the parents of six and grandparents of eighteen+.


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What makes an eagle, an eagle? Or a bear, a bear?
Todd's dad, a famous scientist specializing in the study of animals, has cracked the code and discovered the essence that makes every animal unique.
Now he is able to create a serum that gives those unique qualities—and abilities—to anyone who ingests it.
But before his discovery can be introduced to the world, several of the vials are stolen.
Soon after, a sudden rash of bank robberies featuring large and terrifying animals rocks the community.
Todd and his dad know who is doing it. How they're doing it. And why.

The only question that remains is: How are they going to stop them?



An upbeat, honest, usually humorous look at life lived in city and country. From pristine snows to old mattresses. In rhyme.


Ghost of the Overlook

Are you afraid of ghosts?
When her father takes over the management of a graceful old hotel, Tabby Pillay is forced to uproot, leave all her friends, and relocate to a town far away.
Her life, at the age of eleven, is over.
Then Tabby discovers the hotel isn’t quite the boring old building it appears to be, but is in fact famous for the small, shrouded figure that haunts its ballroom and, periodically, sends guests screaming in terror.
A figure that, from the moment Tabby enters the building, follows Tabby’s every step.
Is it a spirit simply seeking help?
Or is something darker happening?