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D.S. Williams is the author of a number of books, including the supernatural romance series, The Nememiah Chronicles, Protective Hearts and Contrasting Lives, under her pseudonym 'Leah Dempster'.
A prolific reader and writer, D.S. has been writing since the time she was five years old, and spends most of her days listening to the many characters who are still sitting in the waiting room inside her brain, waiting for their opportunity to tell their story. Some of them are far more vocal than the others, and they invariably fight to have their story told... usually when D.S. is concentrating on a different character's story altogether!
D.S. loves supernatural romance, contemporary romance, historical books and works of non-fiction. A member of her local writers group, D.S. considers herself to be an 'author in training' who still doesn't think she gets it right the majority of the time.
When not pounding away at the keyboard as D.S. Williams, she writes under her pseudonym of Leah Dempster. Leah is D.S.'s alter-ego, who writes raunchy erotic romances with plenty of heart. She used to keep it a secret, but now she's loud and proud about her work.
And finally, (because let's face it, writing doesn't necessarily pay the bills...) D.S. provides editing services, as 'The Pedantic Punctuator', helping other authors with their manuscripts.
Completely introverted, D.S. loves nothing more than to sit in the comfort and security of her own home, while she lives, breathes and dreams of all the places where her characters live their lives.
While she has written for more than forty years, it is only in recent years that D.S. has worked up the courage to publish, and she's currently working on a number of new projects, along with polishing some of her older, dustier novels, which collected in a pile in a cupboard while she prevaricated over letting others read them.
D.S. lives in Perth, Western Australia with her long-suffering husband of thirty years, their four adult and near adult children (none of whom appear to be going to leave home anytime soon), and the current furry members of the family, Tuppence the Wonderdog and Angus McFangus.



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Protective Hearts

After her kidnapping by the Chicago Heart Ripper, Finn O'Flaherty is his only surviving victim.

Rescued by her brother, Finn struggles to come to terms with what happened and battles the amnesia that prevents her from identifying the serial killer.

Caleb Sheppard decides to protect Finn, and suspects there is more to the prolific serial killer than meets the eye. One question haunts him: why was Finn left alive? With the Ripper on their heels, they race against time to retrieve Finn's memories, keep her out of the murderer's clutches, and discover the secrets of his identity.

What Finn does not realize is that Caleb and his family are hiding secrets of their own – some of which Finn may not be able to accept.