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Duncan Simpson spent his childhood in Cornwall, England. As a teenager he gained experience in a variety of jobs, from working in a mine to doing shifts as a security guard in an American airport. After graduating from the University of Leeds with a physics degree, he spent a year backpacking around the world. On returning to the UK, he embarked on a successful career in business. Along the way, he became the finance director for a technology company and a partner in a leading management consultancy firm.
The Dark Horizon Trilogy was born out of Duncan’s lifelong fascination with the relationship between science and religion. A keen student of the history of London, he loves exploring the ancient stories and myths surrounding the city. When he's not writing or consulting, you'll find him playing guitar in a rock band, running by the Thames, or drinking tea with his wife and three children in their home in Berkshire, England. He can be reached through his website at



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Secrets from the Dark Horizon - A Reader's Companion

The Dark Horizon Trilogy is a mystery-thriller series packed full of action, cryptic clues, history, religion and intrigue. The adventures of Vincent Blake, London’s leading stolen-art investigator, have entertained and intrigued thousands of readers around the globe. Although the Dark Horizon Trilogy is a work of fiction, it is rooted in a world of historical facts.

Designed as a pocket reference book, Secrets from the Dark Horizon brings alive the legends, locations, facts, and background material to the series. Jam-packed with fascinating research and chock full of informational tidbits, the guide opens a window on 3,000 years of history. With this guide in hand, you will follow Vincent Blake in his breath-taking race through London and its dark historical secrets.


The History of Things to Come

THE MIND OF A GENIUS CAN HOLD THE DARKEST OF SECRETS - A Bosnian gangster is gunned down in a packed London restaurant. In his possession is a notebook once belonging to Isaac Newton. This is just the latest in a series of shocking crimes connected to objects once belonging to the famous scientist. Naturally, it’s a case for Vincent Blake, London’s leading stolen art investigator. Caught in the crosshairs of two sadistic hitmen, Blake is propelled into a breathtaking race through London and its dark historical secrets. With time running out, will Blake solve Newton’s deadly puzzle before the world is plunged into a catastrophe of biblical proportions?