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Dylan Keefer is a web designer / developer by day and a writer by night. He’s basically a modern day superhero, using code and words to breathe creativity into reality. On a more serious note, he has been writing from a very young age and has always been pursuing the dream of writing professionally. Everything he does is in pursuit of that dream. He writes light-hearted as well as dark themed stories across multiple genres. His stories involve psychological struggles or moral dilemmas of the human condition. If you like those themes and the idea of questioning what it means to be human, then it won’t matter what genre the story is; he will make you a believer.


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Leon Cameron

Cool cover, great premise!

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The Blood Princess: Episode One

Blood, Vampires, Conspiracy, Mystery, A Thrilling Story Like You've Never Read Before.

Half vampire Prudence frantically awakens inside a coffin in modern-day Maine, her Victorian life nothing but the distant past. Milo and Charlotte Davenport, the only remaining members of a family sworn to protect her grave befriend her as Prudence suffers through hellish flashbacks and faces deadly threats which terrorize her existence. Humans and vampires both race to kill her. But why? Constant threat looms, as does her own will toward self-destruction. There is no safe place left in the world. Will the truth save her from herself and help her save her newfound friends or will it send her spiraling out of control and closer to imminent death?



Woman of the Wind

Overcoming walls thrown in her way with nothing but her unwavering will to be accepted for who she is and who she chooses to love.

Woman of the Wind is a tale about a small tribe in India where a young woman named Keya was raised under very strict guidelines. A woman is meant to marry a man upon becoming of age and they are to bare them sons and daughters. This all changed when a woman from England began teaching English to the children of the tribe, her name was Laura. Keya’s world opened up to her and she discovered things about the world and herself and began to fall deeply in love with Laura, which will cause her to be outcast from her tribe and thrown into chaos. Can Keya find the strength to survive without friends or family?