E.B. Brown enjoys researching history and genealogy and uses her findings to cultivate new ideas for her writing. She grew up in Gibbstown, New Jersey, and is a proud graduate of Paulsboro High School and Drexel University. Her debut novel, The Legend of the Bloodstone (Time Walkers #1), was a Quarter-finalist in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. An excerpt from another Time Walkers novel, A Tale of Oak and Mistletoe (Time Walkers #4), was a finalist in the 2013 RWA/NYC We Need a Hero Contest.
E.B. is a proud supporter of Special Olympics New Jersey and works multiple charity events throughout the year to support the cause. She loves mudding in her Jeep Wrangler and likes to cause all kinds of havoc the rest of the time. She resides in New Jersey.

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The Legend of the Bloodstone

Maggie is a modern day woman with all her flaws, thrust back into a time when men were carving out the history of America. She has just enough knowledge of the past to know trouble is coming, yet soon she is kicking herself for not paying better attention in history class. When she is captured by Winn, a warrior who is torn between his duty to kill her and his desire to keep her, she must adapt to a life she had only read about in history books.

Winn is a seventeenth century Paspahegh warrior, born in a time before the English settlers arrived on the shores of Tsenacomoco. He has learned the ways of the English and uses his knowledge to ensure the survival of his people, but when he finds a wounded woman in the woods his loyalty is put to the ultimate test.