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E.G. Michaels is a full-time marketing professional (but don't hold that against him). He was content to write marketing all day long. At least until Detective Kyle Simmons showed up in his office one day and would not shut up or leave until E.G. started writing down everything Kyle had to say. He published the first Kyle Simmons book in 2014 and has published numerous other books since.

Fast forward to the present day. When E.G.'s not busy writing, he can frequently be found drinking coffee, playing video games, and other stuff that 40-something year old married guys think is probably still considered cool. He rarely thinks about tackling the never-ending to do list that his lovely wife has created for him even though he probably should.

E.G. lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with three dogs, two kids, and a wife where he frequently has to solve the mystery of who ate the last cookie.



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