Amazon bestselling author Elaine Calloway writes paranormal fantasy romance books for adults. She has two book series out right now (with more books coming, of course!)

* Southern Ghosts Series. A select few in this world can see and talk to the dead. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, not when the dead souls need the living to solve their murder and risk their lives in the process. Set in various states in the Southeast USA, these ghosts are sure to delight and charm while keeping the reader intrigued with the hints of mystery. Ten books are planned for this series, with the first 3 (and a novella) being available at online retailers now.

* Elemental Clan Series. The 4 primary Elementals (those supernatural beings who can wield water, fire, earth and wind) have been at war with the evil Fallen Angel gangs for many millenia. In this good vs. evil series, both sides fight for the prize: human souls. The 4 main books are currently on sale at all retailers, and the 5th and final book will release in late 2016.

Originally from New Orleans (she can still do a decent Cajun accent upon request), Elaine Calloway grew up with a love of all things supernatural and gets back to the Crescent City as often as she can.

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