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Eliza McGrey loves writing historical romances. Specifically in the Regency era. She fell in love with the time period back in high school in her AP European history class. "There is something colorful about the Regency era that society today is blind to"

Eliza was born and raised in New York City. But a Californian at heart, as she loves going out to the beach and hiking. When she's not out and about, she is sipping on her favorite wine while watching a romantic movie in her candle-lit living room.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance

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Loving the Duke

William does not want anything in his life to change. He is more than content to continue with his rakish ways, but, when his father dies unexpectedly, he is forced to return to the country and take on his ducal responsibilities.
Eleanor Davisham hates how her parents quash her free spirit. They are determined that she should marry, but only a man of their choosing. Determined to live her own life, and terrified of her suitor’s cruelty, Eleanor flees from her home, managing to find employment.
Sparks fly when the new Duke and Eleanor meet. She will not be taken in by his flirtations, and he is astounded to discover that, once he drops his façade, his heart is softening in a way he has never experienced before.