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Emily Benet is an author, journalist and award-winning blogger.

Her writing career kick-started with her blog-to-book success, Shop Girl Diaries.

She followed it up with online hit, Spray Painted Bananas. The quirky rom-com was later published by Harper Collins under the title The Temp.

#PleaseRetweet is her comic novel about society's obsession with social media and follows the story of May Sparks, who looks after misbehaving celebrities' Twitter and Facebooks profiles.

London-born but half Spanish, she recently left the metropolis behind for a more outdoor lifestyle in sunny Mallorca. The Hen Party is set on the island and captures Benet's love of upbeat contemporary women's fiction with multiple protagonists, twists and turns, comedy and romance.

Alongside her fiction, she writes on an array of topics for abcMallorca magazine.

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The Hen Party

Film Director, Kate Miller, is in serious trouble. The entire cast and crew of the reality TV show The Hen Party has gone missing while filming in Mallorca.
To make matters worse, the network boss has just flown in and will be arriving any minute to check up on her production.

Kate thinks it's all her fault. She hasn't exactly been following the guidelines.

But if she is to blame, why were the hens arguing among themselves? And why is the groom-to-be calling her in tears?
Kate doesn't know the half of it. The hens have their own secrets and it's only matter of time before they all come tumbling out.

A party of eight arrive on the island, but not everyone's going home.