Emma Warner-Reed is a qualified lawyer, academic and legal journalist (that's the boring bit). She is also and award-winning children's author (that's the interesting bit!).

Emma lives in a rural setting on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales with her husband, four small children and a plethora of animals, some of whom are more domesticated than others!

To date the first book in the award-winning DOTTY series, DOTTY and the Calendar House Key, released in 2015, has received significant acclaim. The book was awarded the Literary Classics Silver Award for children's fantasy fiction, has an exclusively five star rating on both and and five star Reader's Favorites review. It also gained the official Seal of Approval from Literary Classics. In addition, the book received Honourable Mentions at the Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and Paris Book Festival Awards. So it's quite good :o)

The second novel in The DOTTY Series, DOTTY and the Chimney Thief, has also recently been awarded gold by Literary Classics in its category, too!

Please feel free to contact Emma for interviews, quotes or comments about her writing via any of the methods listed on the contact page on the website. Emma particularly likes doing school visits and book signings. For regular news, reviews and updates on The DOTTY Series, subscribe to the DOTTY mailing list at, or follow Emma on Twitter @emmawarnerreed or Facebook at The Dotty Series.

Look out for Dotty’s third adventure, DOTTY and the Dream Catchers, out Now!


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DOTTY and the Dream Catchers


It's all change for Dotty, as Great Uncle Winchester decides it's high time she went to school. But the transition back into school life isn't easy: Dotty is being haunted by disturbing dreams. What is more, a mystery illness is taking over the school. Dotty's classmates are convinced she has something to do with it, and Dotty isn’t entirely sure they’re wrong.

Is there more to Dotty's dreams than meets the eye? And can a little bit of sweeps' magic save the day?

DOTTY and the Dream Catchers is the third book in the award-winning DOTTY MYSTERIES children’s fantasy series, by #1 bestselling author Emma Warner-Reed. For more information on the series, go to


DOTTY and the Calendar House Key

Dotty Parsons knows the noises in the chimneys aren’t jackdaws nesting as the old cook says. After all, it’s December and who ever heard of a bird that whistles?

But it is only when the feisty young Welsh girl finds her dead mother’s locket hidden up the playroom chimney that she really begins to suspect there’s more to the Calendar House than meets the eye. What Dotty doesn’t know is that the locket is the key to a long lost magic…and keeping it is going to be a whole lot more trouble than she had bargained for.

Award-winning children’s fantasy fiction from #1 bestselling children's author, Emma Warner-Reed.Perfect for anyone with a Hogwarts-sized hole in their library.

“Secret Garden meets Diagon Alley. Fabulous!” A. Vere, Harrogate.


DOTTY and the Chimney Thief

All is not well in the world of The Calendar House. There’s a rogue sweep on the loose, and they’re not just stealing trinkets from the houses they enter, they’re stealing the chimneys, too!

To add insult to injury, Little Joe Raman from the corner shop on Dotty’s beloved Wyvern Road has gone missing and nobody knows why.

It appears Dotty has a lot to contend with. The Council of Sweeps are looking for answers but it seems there aren’t any to be found. Has Joe been abducted by thieves, or is there another reason for his disappearance? And can Dotty stop the Chimney Thief, before all the portals into the world of the ordinary folk have been sealed – forever.

Award-winning children’s fantasy fiction from #1 bestselling children's author, Emma Warner-Reed.