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Eric Beaty began his entrepreneurial career as a well-known guitar instructor and performing artist among the Bluegrass guitar circuit. Before dedicating greater focus to his writing career, Eric created and authored several guitar instructional courses and companion books.

As an additional resource, Eric produces content on his YouTube channel—currently with 700+ videos, 12,000+ subscribers, and 45,000+ monthly views and growing—on the topics of guitar instruction, entrepreneurship, writing and publishing, and more.

In the years since pursuing writing as a career, Eric has authored many books, stories, poems, essays, blog posts and songs. The basis for much of Eric’s writing comes from a great many notebooks and journals which he fills with his experiences, ideas, and stories.

In addition, Eric has also participated in—and twice won—the popular writing competition National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which begins anew each November. His latest winning novel can be read in its entirety on his website at

More recently, the first book in Eric’s SMART FOCUS series became a Top 100 Paid Bestseller in its category on Amazon, alongside several of his favorite authors and their books.

Originally from Monterey, Tennessee, Eric now lives with his wife, Melissa, in the ever-growing city of Cookeville, Tennessee. His plans, now that he is finishing up his SMART FOCUS book series, are to take a much-needed break from writing nonfiction to focus on other projects he feels have been on the back burner far too long.

The two most pressing are that of 1) completing his debut solo album and 2) beginning the final edits on his debut novel about a man who has forgotten his roots as a “Feeler”—a person with the rare supernatural abilities to “feel” the raw emotions of his/her fellow human beings—only to realize his past is rapidly catching up with him. One by one, the children of Metro City have gone missing, and they need his help to locate and rescue them before it’s too late.



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