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Eromantica Publications is a publisher of sexy short stories that fall under erotic romance, romantic erotica, and erotica.



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A Welcome Intruder: A BWWM Erotic Short

"I’ll get what I want from you, Kira—both things. And I’m not going to beg for either of them. You, however, will.”

Energetic Kira is looking for adventure and fun now that her latest raise has resulted in disposable income.
She finds more than she bargained for when she decides to attend a storage unit auction on a whim and runs into a gorgeous, blue-eyed fellow bidder.
She battles with the hunky stranger for a unit, and when she wins the battle, he decides to turn it into a war.
Later that night, she finds herself facing down the defeated hottie in her bedroom, and he has come for more than just the contents of that unit!


Teachable (Older Man Younger Virgin Woman First Time)

“Let me see how much you want it.”

Inexperienced Sarah is about to go off to college, but before the untouched blonde goes, she needs a seasoned tutor to break her in hard and raw. Her hot new neighbor is the perfect candidate to tutor her, especially since she’s had a crush on him for a while—long before the sexy older man moved in across the street.
Back in the day, he never gave her anything less than a B, but this time, she’s about to score a D!


Cherry-Picked by the Billionaire - Part 1

What a billionaire wants, a billionaire gets!

Brown beauty Nicole is a fiercely independent young woman, and she will not let her skin color or inexperience with men stop her on her path to career advancement. She wants to make a name for herself, but she doesn’t count on her sexy billionaire boss pinning his eyes on her and deciding to make her his!
Once the wealthy Alan Hinton gets a load of the headstrong hottie, he formulates a plan for her life quite different from her own, beginning with taking her innocence—hard.

This is a steamy whirlwind romance told in three parts.