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Hey! I'm a young author writing YA Dystopian fiction. I started writing very young and have just released my first trilogy - The Generation Series. For fans of books like The Hunger Games, Divergent & The Maze Runner you're sure to find something you like in The Generation Series.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Cain - A Novella in The Generation Series

A young mutant has been forced to fend for himself in the desert, but can he learn to control his mutation in order to lead a normal life...

At just thirteen Cain finds himself wandering the desert alone. Having left his parents and lost his brothers in a tragic accident, he must somehow find a way to survive on his own. However even in the new world ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse, his biggest danger might just be the mutation he struggles to keep locked away inside of his head. With his survival instincts taking over and Cain's desperation to keep moving, what will happen when he finally has to deal with the mutant that he truly is?