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I’ve spent the last ten years writing freelance fiction, non fiction, and game design as well as independently publishing my own game work. Now that I have the time, I’ve returned to my first love, fiction.

​I live and teach English as a second language during the day in rural Japan, birthplace of all things Mecha. (Giant Robots.) I’m raising three clever future mech pilots, though hopefully more Gundam Build Fighters than Gundam Universal Century


Science Fiction

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Dead Machines Preview

She was a mother and a relic of the Last War. A hard-wire robot pilot using a hard jack system to access her giant bipedal war machine. After the Final Crisis, she found a lost population of migrants and fell in with them doing the only thing she had ever been any good at.

Io and her mech, the Areol ended up the migrant's first and last line of defense against the dangers in a universe in chaos.

Her story starts when a dangerous new kind of Jack, an uncontrollable enemy, drives the migrant fleet to crash on an abandoned terraforming experiment. A new life? New hope? There was no way to know, and no turning back.


Until She Wakes

During the Last War, conflict often came down to mobile suit combat. Mobile suits, giant war machines and their pilots decided who won and who lost.
Before the events of Dead Machines, Io Suta was a hot-shot mobile suit pilot without a suit--she'd destroyed her last one saving a colony.
While unofficially grounded for losing her giant war machine, Io stumbles across a secret experimental vanguard suit with a dark history. No one can tame it, and no one knows why it kills its pilots. Can Io figure it out before the mech claims another life? Can Io save the strange and beautiful machine from total deconstruction at the hands of engineers who don't understand it?
No one can be sure Until She Wakes.