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Glenn Song is the author of The Mechanical Bird series. The first entry A Tale of Two Ladies is available on Amazon Kindle. He is also the writer and illustrator for the webcomic serial This Mortal Coil and the coloring book Lolita Fashion Coloring Book for Adults.

Glenn also works in the video game industry as a software engineer. He has worked on titles such as The Sims 4, Sims Medieval, and MySims. He also co-founded a two-person independent mobile game studio called Prisma Wave Games and created and published Ollie and Flip (iOS) and Toodle's Toboggan (iOS/Android).

He graduated with a Masters Degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Comics & Graphic Novels
Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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This Mortal Coil: The Rabbit and the Moon Issue #1

Kamiko's an upstart, elegant Gothic Lolita, Shinto deity who's ready for adventure. When Kamiko follows The Red Thread of Fate to the moon, she finds her friend Chang'e left for dead. Now, she must hunt down a vicious demonic wolf, who's after Jade the Rabbit and his Elixir of Immortality.

Can Kamiko save Jade and Chang'e, and stop the wolf demon before he causes more death and destruction?

Find out with a free copy of This Mortal Coil: The Rabbit and the Moon Issue #1! The story contains some violence, a hefty dose of Chinese mythology, and plenty of frilly dresses.



The Mechanical Bird: A Tale of Two Ladies Preview Edition

The steampowered airplane. Her Mechanical Bird. Alicia Reynard doesn't have a name for it yet. She calls it her "flying carriage" and to her it's only a dream in a leather bound journal among her drawings of birds and steam locomotives. She's grounded in her small farming town of Dunbrooke, but surrounded by good friends and family. She doesn't know it yet, but she will be the first woman to fly across the world, but before she can take to the skies, she'll have to build her airplane, and before she can do that, she'll have to learn how. In her country of Maedrelleden, war is her opportunity. When the men go off to fight for king and country, the women will join the ranks of society, and the royal University of Aeterall will give Alicia a once in a lifetime opportunity.