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When the world as we know it falls apart, how far will you go to survive?

Harley Tate writes edge-of-your-seat post-apocalyptic fiction exploring what happens when ordinary people are faced with impossible choices.

Her latest series, After the EMP, follows the Sloane family and their friends as they try to survive in a world without power. When the nation's power grid is wrecked, it doesn't take long for society to fall apart. The end of life as we know it brings out the best and worst in all of us. The EMP is only the beginning.

Darkness Falls, a companion short story to the After the EMP series, is available on instaFreebie now.


Science Fiction

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Darkness Falls, An After the EMP Short Story

If you were hundreds of miles from home when the world ended, how would you protect your family?

Walter started his day like any other by boarding a commercial jet, ready to fly the first leg of his international journey. Halfway to Seattle, he witnesses the unthinkable: the total loss of power as far as he can see.

Hundreds of miles from home, he’ll do whatever it takes to get back to his wife and teenage daughter. Landing the plane is only the beginning.

Darkness Falls is a companion story to After the EMP, a post-apocalyptic thriller series following ordinary people attempting to survive after a geomagnetic storm destroys the nation’s power grid.