Ian has been a fan of reading since childhood whilst sharing his bedroom with elves, orcs, and the occassinal troll although they were banished early on due to their questionable bathroom habits.
Writing didn't arrive at his finger tips until much later. His first attempt in the late nineties was discarded along with the old computer after his manuscript was stolen by a hobgoblin from it's secret hiding place in the sock draw.
It wasn't until 2010 with the global rise of fantasy based movies that Ian rediscovered that desire to write.
And so 'Toby Fisher and the Arc Light' was born; inspired by everything that is fantasy from King Arthur and Merlin to Tolkien and Harry Potter - a Pandora's Box of fantasy.
It was an opportunity to lose himself into a world of imagination whilst his other world of mortgages, taxes, and work continued to grind forward.
He promises himself that one day he will live entirely in the world of fantasy spinning fantastical stories for the pleasure of others.



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The Ghost's Revenge

Love magic, dark secrets and epic adventures?

The Ghost’s Revenge is the first book in the Red Dragon fantasy series steeped in the legend of Merlin and King Arthur, a modern day adventure that follows three teenagers – shapeshifter Toby, half-elven Arty, and witch Fay – as they discover their true magical powers, the value of friendship and the cost of treachery as they battle against an invading mer-army, a vengeful ghost and a family secret that rocks Toby’s world.