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Science Fiction

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Avenging Day

When the aliens came, they slaughtered everyone. Mankind was a disease, and nukes were the cure.

Now, ten years after the apocalypse, our first interstellar gunship—the Ares—is hurtling toward the alien homeworld to take revenge.

The crew knows it's suicide. But they never counted on uncovering an ancient weapon that could turn the tide of the war—and poison the universe.

AVENGING DAY is a pulse-pounding science fiction adventure. Fans of exploration, space opera, and space marines will not be able to put it down.


The Battle of Earth

The aliens don’t look like us. They don’t think like us. And they’ve come to slaughter us.

Their ships travel faster than thought. Their bombs turn continents to ash. They are the monsters in our books and movies—but they are real.

Their plan was to exterminate all but the best of mankind. The surviving men and women would join their empire—or face a fate more terrible than death.

They chose Anahita Amiri, a translator, mother, and survivor of the Iranian Revolution.

Now, shackled in orbit with prisoners from around the world, the aliens promise immortality in paradise for her allegiance. All she has to do is turn against mankind. And if she resists, they'll flush her out the airlock.

As she struggles to decide her fate, fusion bombs begin raining down on the Earth below...