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Chrystyna Lucyk-Berger was born in Minnesota in 1969 and grew up in the culture-rich neighborhood of "Nordeast" Minneapolis. She started her writing career with short stories, travel narratives, worked as a journalist and managing editor of consumer magazines before jumping the editor's desk and pursuing her dreams of writing and traveling. In 2005, she self-published a historical narrative based on her relatives' personal histories and experiences in Ukraine during WWII. In 2000, she moved to western Austria and established her own company. She now primarily writes historical fiction. The Reschen Valley series will be released from Jan 2018 to May 2019, with no plans of stopping there.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Women's Fiction


Sophia Summers

This looks great!

Jan Moran

Gripping historical fiction with a brave protagonist. Well-researched and beautifully written.

Rebecca Janet

beautiful cover :)

Heera Datta

Love the cover.

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The Smuggler of Reschen Pass: A Reschen Valley Novella

Pride goes before the fall. 1900s Austrian Tyrol. Fritz Hanny, confident and optimistic, enjoys the prestige of belonging to one of the most respected families in the Reschen Valley. When he falls in love with Cecilia, a young girl in a neighboring village, he is certain he has found his purpose in life. Already on his way to making his own fortune, Fritz pursues Cecilia only to be cut down by one external force after another. Disappointment, violence, and conflict turn Fritz into a desperate man. When the Great War ends, Fritz is trapped between two borders: on one side, the family he has. On the other, the family he wants. This is a stand-alone novella and a prequel to NO MAN'S LAND, the first book in the Reschen Valley series.


Bolzano: A Reschen Valley Novel Part 3

The third part of the Reschen Valley series. If you haven't dived into the books yet, you could start here.


1937. Northern Italy. New conflicts loom on the horizon for Italy and Austria and Annamarie has found her ticket out of her strife-ridden the form of a minister's son and a Fascist uniform.
The series that people are saying is "filled with political tension and intrigue," "explosive" and "evocative."


No Man's Land: Reschen Valley Part 1

She wants her home. He wants control. The Fascist regime wants both.

1920, former Austrian Tyrol. As her grandfather’s last living relative, Katharina Thaler is set to become the first woman to ever own a farm in the Tyrolean Reschen Valley. The end of the Great War has taken more than her beloved family, it has robbed the province of its autonomy and cut it in two.

While her countrymen fight to prevent the annexation to Italy, Katharina finds a wounded Italian engineer. Her decision to save Angelo Grimani’s life thrusts them both into a labyrinth of corruption, prejudice, and greed.

Trapped between a Fascist new world order and a man who threatens to tear her home away, Katharina must decide what to protect: love or country?