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Jay was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but grew up on the sun-kissed shores of South Florida after the age of three. As an adult, Jay has had the privilege to live and work in nineteen countries, five U.S. states, and one Indian Reservation.​

Stricken with Renal Cell Carcinoma, which took both of his kidneys and the sight in his left eye, Jay had to retire from his traveling circus. Now as a member of the Georgia Writer’s Association, National Writers Union and the Author’s Guild, Jay now writes from the comfort of his home in a quaint and small town in Georgia.

In a previous life, Jay earned his master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Specialization in Marketing and Communications. Jay is a veteran marketing consultant with more than three decades of experience. Jay’s marketing expertise drew on a broad range of experience that has helped him analyze market dynamics and translate them into effective marketing strategies for major corporations, governmental agencies and foreign tourism departments to name a few.


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Over The Ocean and to the Links: A Golfer's Journey

A hilarious story of a simple man that blows his minuscule IRA to play some of the world’s famous golf courses in the home of Golf, Scotland. Stubborn as Jeff is, he knew he could do better than the “golf tours” offered by many companies. As a result, the book is a tee by tee description of Jeff’s trip from deciding which courses to play, how much he wanted to spend, the trials of driving on the wrong side of the road, and the simple beauty of Scotland.