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Hello! My name is J. C. Cauthon, and I publish nonfiction creative writing prompt collections for writers of all skill levels. I have been writing for as long as I can remember, beginning with my first “published” book in kindergarten. Okay, it wasn’t really published, but the teacher did bind it up nicely for me to give to my parents. They still have that copy somewhere.

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You can find me most places on the web, but I tend to stick to only a few social websites.

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Twitter and Facebook are also two great places to catch up me. I try to update these daily with at least a writing prompt, but the more time I spend off the computer, the more I get written.
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That is all, folks! I’m glad to meet you, look forward to chatting with you all, and I hope that you all enjoy.


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The Daily Prompt 2016

Grab your favorite pen and a notebook, and let's begin! The Daily Prompt: 2016 has a creative writing prompt for each day of the year, including Leap Day. Each prompt is meant to spark an idea, allowing you to free-write and perhaps create a wonderful story that you can share with the world. Enjoy!