I am a women's fiction writer who lives outside of Detroit, Michigan. I wrote my first poem when I was four years old and my first book at forty-something years old!

Between my first poem and my first book, I've grown into a foodie, a political junkie, a music lover, a fierce friend, a devoted wife and a decent enough mom. I think.


Women's Fiction


Jennifer Stevenson

Reading The Dangerous Woman's Guide To Domesticity - Book I now; it's weird, erotic, surreal. The adultery feels almost realer than the kids messing with her cell phone and demanding dinosaur nuggets. I can't put this down.

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The Dangerous Woman's Guide To Domesticity - Book I: Exes and Errors - A Contemporary Women's Fiction Novel

There's nothing wrong with Lily's life.

In fact, things are quite good. She and her husband are in love and their three daughters are delightful. But she can't tell if it's the pleasure of seeing her old flame again or the thrill of keeping their affair a secret that makes her tingle from her scalp to her fingertips.

For the first time in a long time, she feels distinctly, madly, alive. 

Lily plays at the edges of getting caught in her affair. But soon, the lines between her husband and her lover start to blur. The affair that once made Lily feel free soon begins to feel like another trap, and hiding it makes her feel more isolated than ever. 

Ultimately, Lily has to decide what to keep, what to let go and which bridges to burn in order to have the life she wants.