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J F Mehentee is a British-born Asian with Persian ancestry. A lifelong reader of fantasy and science fiction, he’s always looking for ways to combine his interest in Asian and Middle Eastern mythology with storytelling.
After spending three years in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, he now lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he writes full-time—all the while dreaming of one day playing jazz flute like Ron Burgundy.



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Hotsuka's Story — Book 1 of the Dragon Pearl Series

"I had three visitors during that awful time of helplessness: the first was my enemy, the second a goddess with child and, finally, my only friend, a Djinni."

No longer a celestial, Hotsuka must quickly adapt to life as a human if he’s to save his newborn son. Things go from bad to worse when he learns that he’s at the centre of a cosmic plan to change the universe forever. Not everyone, however, wants change…

Hotsuka’s Story is the first of six novellas in the epic fantasy Dragon Pearl series. Set in a world that borrows from Asian and Middle Eastern mythologies, and where gods and humans exist alongside one another, each novella describes the events that culminate in the Takeo Sura Pearl novels: Tamuda Rising and The Four-Day War.