J.K. Campbell hails from the wind-swept wilds of north Texas. He has traveled to the fabled land of Octoberlund many times. On one such trip, he met Winda the Witch and agreed to share her story as well as others of the Spooky Folk. A Howling Good Time is a short introduction to Winda and her friend's stories. More can be read in Winda the Witch: Tales of the Spooky Folk. Read more about it on my website, or purchase a copy on amazon.

If you read A Howling Good Time and enjoy it, please let me know! I have a Contact page on my website, and love interacting with fans. Or on Facebook, if you prefer.



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Winda and her best friends Larry the Werewolf and Sally the Specter meet up for a play date in The Edgewoods. Unfortunately, someone else shows up uninvited, and PLAYING is not on their agenda. Can the kids make it back home in time for supper? Will they make it back at all?! Find out in this brand new short adventure, taking place 2 years before the events in Winda the Witch: Tales of the Spooky Folk.

This short story is around 5,000 words long, and is for readers ages 7 and older.