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I came late to this writing thing, but my imagination has always played out scenes of suspense, fantasy and yes, romance.

I remember how, as a young boy, I ran free through the wild landscape around our house in Cape Town, South Africa. I imagined I was Tarzan, without the Great Apes, and still having to meet my Jane. I preferred being alone, so no-one would trespass on the world in my head.

Guess it was only a matter of time before I wrote down some of my madness.

I now live on the blustery south coast of England, writing with the unreliable permission of my three children.Join my group of readers, I'll let you know when I release my next book!


Teen & Young Adult

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The Oscillator

In a silent and broken world, where kindness, compassion and the earth’s ozone layer is all but gone, Theo’s affliction is just one more challenge he has to deal with.
He’d very much like to make a name for himself, or even just make it home in one piece, but his trembling hands don’t exactly say ‘Super Power’.
That is until he’s gifted a little gray box that changes everything. Now he can stand up for himself, take care of his enemies, and get the girl.
However, revenge isn’t always that sweet...


Sleep (A short story)

"Ava can't sleep. If I want to stay alive, neither should I."

When a man's new girlfriend develops insomnia, he knows she would kill for a good night's sleep. That's understandable, as long as he's not the one that gets murdered.

A quick but gripping read that never lets you go, and certainly won't help you sleep at night!