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J.M. VAUGHAN was homeschooled growing up, which gave him ample opportunity to do anything and everything but school. He spent his time writing novels, building spaceships and castles out of LEGOs, and making stop-motion movies. He attended film school in Southern California and has worked as a graphic designer, editor, videographer, colorist, and visual effects artist. After several false starts, he embarked on the project that would become Worldwielder in September 2015. He currently lives in Boise, ID, where he is hard at work on his next novel, a science-fiction epic due for release in 2018.


Teen & Young Adult

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Melissa Mabrey isn't like other sixteen-year-olds. From the time she was four, she's been able to see the colors of people's minds, colors that reveal to her their true feelings, desires, and fears. She's only met one other person who's like her—her best friend Kyle. But two years ago, Kyle mysteriously disappeared, and she hasn’t heard a word from him since.

Until today. In a book carried by a stranger, Melissa finds a desperate plea for help from Kyle. Following his clues, she's hurtled into the Gallery, a gateway to millions of worlds. Fending off the Gallery Guard, and her friend’s captors, Melissa must traverse countless perilous worlds to find Kyle. Along the way, she'll discover the truth about what she and Kyle are—a truth so terrifying her life will never be the same.