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I have always liked horror, particularly vampire tales and from my earliest memories of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in the Hammer Horror Series.
After that, The Lost Boys and reading Dracula.
In recent years vampires have been replaced with something soft, so I wanted to get back to the more original view. Deadly, charming and irresistible.
I write the books I want to read so you can be sure that I write straight from the heart, with passion and adventure.
Always Dark Angel is a Series: The Preface is a bite from the main book: Children of Dionysus which is free from my website or to buy online.
Children of Dionysus: My name is Anthony. I was just like you.
After a vicious, brutal attack my mortal life changed and I awoke a vampire. What would you do, if you woke up a vampire?
Feared by my human friends, I had a girlfriend until I ate her.
Forced to leave my mortal life behind; obsessed and terrified by the insatiable lust for blood drove me to kill. I am unstoppable and powerful, wielding a power I cannot control.
Then I met Nathaniel, Tom and Josephine who led me into debauchery and fierce blood lust before I was caught up in a war of the Immortals. Into a world of the paranormal, dark magic and weird creatures. Enchanted in my new twisted and horrifying reality.
I will open the door to your darkest desires, and then I will take you further...

A vampire tale with a new niche, designed to appeal to both male and female readers alike.
Book II Due April 2017.


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Children of Dionysus

With bloodthirsty immortals at war, one rookie vampire must navigate an unfamiliar world to save the woman he loves…
Anthony is struggling to survive a nasty problem: a newfound lust for blood. After a vicious attack leaves him changed forever, the former human has nothing and nobody to turn to.
As this new world governed by debauchery and self-indulgence teeters on the verge of war, Anthony finds himself caught in between the immortals and the Elite. If that wasn’t bad enough, he hears rumors of twisted and tortured creatures forged in sinister experiments. But when Anthony discovers his still-human sweetheart has been dragged into the clash, he enters the battle with a vengeance.


Dark Nephilim

A world-weary vampire. A bloodthirsty angel. In a world turned upside down, humanity’s only hope is undead…Still reeling from the War of Immortals, Anthony must gather the remaining vampires to combat the angelic abominations. But with each drop of drained blood, a tear expands in the veil between life and death. And the damned have started to use the opening to crawl out from the depths of hell…

If Anthony can’t figure out a way to restore the balance in a hurry, then all hope for vampires and humans will be lost forever…

Full novel released on 27th January 2018