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Jordan is a fiction writer living in Northern California with his wife Emily Vezina where they run a business together. Jordan served in both the Marine Corps and Army Infantry, which gave him the background to develop many of the military based characters in the Hell’s Half Acre series.

Copious research has always been an essential part of Jordan’s writing process, so that books like Hard Red Winter, Broken English and A Devil In Your Hedgerow would be historically accurate and immerse the reader in the timeframe as well as the lives of the characters.

In his spare time Jordan works on the screenplay for Hard Red Winter and obsesses over his love of tiny dogs.


Historical Fiction

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The Hammer Of Israel

Mossad operative Jacob Mitzak escaped Auschwitz at 15, and soon became famous to every Nazi war criminal in the world as The Hammer of Israel. In 1950's New York City, Jacob will become the only man standing in the way or an emerging Fourth Reich on American soil. The Hammer of Israel is about to hit the big apple.