Love in the darkness.

Author J.T. Dark is fascinated by love's perseverance in even the darkest corners of our world. He lives in the Midwest and spends the bulk of his time weaving stories that depict romance with an edge.



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The Garden of Discipline

Aaron has just graduated from college, and he doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. He's never shown initiative, but a chance meeting with Vincent is about to change all that. Aaron signs up to help tend Vincent's magnificent garden, but he soon discovers the summer will offer much more - his first experiences with bondage, discipline, and a Master that he didn't know he needed.


Bound for Christmas

A howling blizzard in Chicago turns insult into injury for Clark and Nate, stranding them on Christmas Eve in Indianapolis. Neither knows they are about to experience their best Christmas Eve ever when they discover an unexpected shared interest in ropes.