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I am Jude E. McNamara. Virtual adventurer. Keyboard ninja. Guardian of sassy romantic encounters. I am the alter ego of that other woman, Jude. You know, the one that loves snowy nights, is in a relationship with love, and looking for her own hero. While by day she’s off being the disciplined scrappy businesswoman with the mind of a shark, I gallivant her keyboard by night, running wild and free on the down-low. I figure she’ll have to catch up to me. Because once that blue power button turns on, I’m far too busy breathing life into those colorful characters that run around in her head, incessantly telling me their stories even if it’s at the break of dawn.

You can find me and my merry band of jet-setting girlfriends running from the paparazzi at the high-end cocktail bars in Manhattan, drinking Patron Silver. I’m the flashy one wearing the sparkly tiara on my head. Like clockwork, when she faithfully dons her track shoes to catch up with me, I usually have to listen to her lecture me about my behavior over a glass of champagne. She loves champagne. Actually I love champagne too—except I like mine with a side of tall, handsome hunk begging me to stop at the intersection of heartbreak hotel and romantic encounter road, demanding a happily ever after.

It’s an arduous race to “The End” before her blue button goes dark and I cease to exist. But once the blue light appears, the race is on, right up to the point when we two Judes meet on the same page, often in a book like this one.

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A Black Sequinned Bows And Champagne Nights Prequel Novella

I am his wingman. He is mine. We met her the same day. Both of us love her. His love lived in real time. My love for her lived vicariously through him. In our hearts, she belongs to the both of us. We are connected out of love, loyalty, and brotherhood. Except she doesn't know it. But time and circumstances beckon now. I am stepping from behind the curtain to stand center stage. I am late, but I am here. I have not forgotten. And that is the only thing that matters.

I am a man on a mission. A wingman's mission. I am the keeper of promises. I am the holder of secrets. And I am coming for her.